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I have had the pleasure of working with Don Kelly for over a decade. We have completed successful projects in the past, and we are doing the largest project in my company’s history with Midwest Curtainwalls in 2015. Don’s personal knowledge of the industry, and expertise in unitized curtainwall is an extremely valuable asset that BAGS uses to expand our manufacturing and engineering capacity. We can do it ourselves, but many times Don and his team at Midwest can do it better and faster.

Nick Bagatelos
Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, Inc.
Sacramento, CA

My relationship with Don Kelly has been over 30 years, and Don has brought nothing but professional and knowledgeable expertise in the ever evolving curtainwall business. Between running Ampat Midwest, to owning the company, he has tackled some of the most significant and technical projects throughout the world and completed them successfully. He never stops looking for the most technical aspects of a project but also educates his employees and vendors on what trends are new in the market.

We are proud of our association with Don, and what he has brought to our business.

Mike Durkin
Keymark Corporation
Fonda, New York

We worked with Don Kelly and Midwest Curtainwalls, Inc. on the WMS Gaming Headquarters in Chicago. This was a custom unitized curtain wall project designated to be LEED Platinum with very stringent thermal performance requirements for a very demanding architect. Midwest Curtainwalls was able to provide a comprehensive proposal that met or exceeded the architect’s requirements while making our proposal among the most competitive. During the proposal review process Don was able to answer not only the architect’s inquiries but also those of the structural engineer and of the curtain wall consultant. It was because of the depth of Don’s knowledge and his expertise in the curtain wall industry that our company was successful in procuring this project. The WMS Gaming project presented many challenges during its duration which included delays in the structural steel which in turn delayed the curtain wall progress. Don was extremely generous in his flexibility in shipping sequencing as well as making several trips to Chicago to help work out the problems associated with structural steel details.

The curtain wall utilized a high performance glass with several different frit patterns that we furnished to Midwest Curtainwalls. They were very easy to coordinate deliveries to their facility and extremely efficient in tracking the many various sizes, shapes and patterns. Whenever our glass supplier back ordered a piece of glass we were notified of the exact shortage immediately which allowed us to stay on top of the flow of material.

When unitized curtain wall was delivered the material was packaged and crated so that no material was damaged in shipment and every piece was clean and free of any caulking or other production marks. The curtain wall system that Midwest Curtainwalls designed for this project easily passed air and water testing done at their facility as well as thermal modeling and on-site air and water testing. There has been no air or water infiltration in the three years since we completed the project nor have there been any other issues with their system.

In conclusion we look forward to the next project with Don Kelly and his team at Midwest Curtainwalls; by far the best supplier I have ever worked with!

Michael Butz
Prime Architectural Metal and Glass, Inc.

J. Petrocelli Contracting, Inc. is working with Midwest Curtainwalls, Inc. on the 28th Street High-Rise Project, and also worked with them on the 27th Street High-Rise Project in Long Island City, New York. Both of these projects are high-end rental apartments. The 28th Street Project is a 496,000 square foot building with over $20,000,000 in exterior envelope and glass systems currently under construction. The 27th Street Project was a 140,000 square foot building, over 300 feet high in glass curtainwall systems. Both of these projects passed the OITC Sound and Thermal ratings as demanded by the NYC Department of Buildings (NYCDOB), as well as passing the approved New York City Waterproof Envelope Stringent Test Criteria that is now required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy in the City of New York. All of the scheduling, packaging, quality, service and warranties have exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure to deal with a firm that follows through on their statements and promises. It is comforting to know that the Midwest Team has supported and been there every step of the way, including assisting the Designer when a dimension or detail needs to be addressed in a timely fashion. Thank You for the quality projects in the past, and we look forward to working together again on many projects in the future. Best Regards, John Petrocelli, Jr. President

John Petrocelli, Jr.
J. Petrocelli Contracting, Inc.
New York, New York