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Project - Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge
Operator’s Control House

Alexandria, VA/National Harbor, MD

The new Woodrow Wilson Bridge outside of Washington, D.C. required an elegant and functional operator’s house for its drawbridge. Midwest’s challenge was to design and install curved glass-and-metal curtainwall units with extremely heavy bullet-resistant glass that would provide the operator with a full 360° range of vision.

Midwest worked with Wood’s Power-Grip Co., a Montana-based manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment, to design and build a piece of equipment with 12 vacuum cups (each capable of supporting 800 pounds) that rotated to hold the glass curtainwall units securely as they were lifted and installed into the concrete structure. The machine performed flawlessly, the units fit together perfectly, and the operator is enjoying a limitless view of the Potomac as well as the highway traffic.