1.216.641.7900 x106

Project - EF Education First

EF Education First

EF Education First

Cambridge, MA

Architect: Wilson Architects

This building was designed by Swedish architect Gert Wingardh whose vision included a series of horizontal white bands meant to riff off the cables of the Zakim Bridge. 

The Glass Waterfall is 150 feet high and about 200 feet wide at level 1.  The custom aluminum framing system was designed as a skylight system with rafters and purlins creating forty-two flat facets with intersecting ridge and valley lines at all different angles.  Most of the rafter and purlin intersections were compound miter cuts and some were severely sharp points.  The rafters attached to the round architectural steel truss system using welded steel plates.  Within the facets were 388 framed glass units, which of only 130 were rectangle!  The rest were triangles, trapezoids, and other shapes.  The design and engineering hours totaled almost 8,000 for only 13,300 SF of glazed framing!!